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 Born 7/31  Ready 9/25

2 Parti Mini Schnauzers

Expected weight around 8 lbs

Boy 1 - Blanket Parti

willowboyafterhc3.gif (145778 bytes)  willlowboyafterhc12.gif (154578 bytes)  

willowboyafterhc4.gif (116099 bytes)  willowboyafterhc11.gif (117924 bytes)

willowboyafterhc5.gif (131496 bytes)

This little guy is Priced at $1095

Boy 2 - Parti

Super Thick Super Coat

Weight on 9/20/2017 was 2 lb 9 oz

Very Funny little guy.  Loads of personality

willowboyafterhc22.gif (107815 bytes)  willowlittleafterhc1.gif (123401 bytes)

willowlittleboyafterhc3.gif (111961 bytes)      willowlitterboyafterhc5.gif (153678 bytes)

He is Priced at $1095


Born 7/19 Ready now 09/20/2017

2 Boys and  1 Girl

Boy 1 

Weight on 09/12/2017 was 1 lb 9 oz

littlemalteseboy3.gif (128136 bytes)  littlemalteseboy4.gif (133655 bytes)

littlemalteseboy1.gif (135905 bytes)  littlemalteseboy2.gif (138436 bytes)

This tiny little Guy is Expected to weigh around 4 lbs grown

He is priced at $1395

Boy 2

malteseboy25.gif (128269 bytes)

malteseboy23.gif (120827 bytes)  malteseboy24.gif (118798 bytes)

mlateseboy21.gif (150142 bytes)  mlateseboy22.gif (118862 bytes)

This little guy weighed 1 Lb 14 oz on 09/12

His expected weight is 7 lbs

He is Priced at $1295


maltesegirl1.gif (114201 bytes)  maltesegirl2.gif (112711 bytes)

maltesegirl3.gif (107500 bytes)  maltesegirl4.gif (114960 bytes)


This Darling Girl weighed 1 lb 12 oz on 9/12

She is Priced at $1395

AKC Mini Schnauzer

Available on Aug 8/24


dovieboy1.gif (116150 bytes)  dovieboy2.gif (95090 bytes)

dovieboy3.gif (97003 bytes)  dovieboy4.gif (130597 bytes)


This Boy is priced at $895


Two Girls

Available 8/17

Girl 1   

lolagirl14.gif (135954 bytes)  lolagirl13.gif (128038 bytes)

lolagirl11.gif (97967 bytes)  lolagirl12.gif (83211 bytes)

This little girl is expected to weigh around 7 lbs grown.  She has a super thick, soft coat

Chubby, happy and healthy!!

  This little Darling is Priced at $895

Girl 2

This little girl is Tiny 

Expected weight Grown is 5 lbs

lolagirl21.gif (109531 bytes)  lolagirl22.gif (140117 bytes)

lolagirl23.gif (128916 bytes)  lolagirl24.gif (101979 bytes)

These darling girls are Priced at $895

They were born on 6/22/2017


 Boy  - Little Guy...Expected Weigh grown is 5 lbs

This Boy is so sweet...he needs a home

He is very smart too

jimmy4.gif (111394 bytes)  jimmy3.gif (106811 bytes)

jimmy1.gif (113756 bytes)  jimmy2.gif (107492 bytes)  

This little guy is price $500

Amazing Parti Mini Schnauzers

AKC Born 8/10

Girl 1 Salt and Pepper SOLD

saltnpeppergirtl1.gif (100868 bytes)

This Darling Girl is Priced at $1395

Black and White Parti Girl

blacknwhitwgirl1.gif (123111 bytes)

This little Girl is Priced at $1295

Boy 1

puccioboy1.gif (137518 bytes)

This Boy is Priced at $1095

Boy 2

puccioboy2.gif (114126 bytes)

This Boy is Priced at $1095

Boy 3

   puccioboy3.gif (118434 bytes)

This Boy is Priced at $1095




     Email Dan or Debbie at 

Or Call 

  Medical History and  are up to Date on all their shots. They have been wormed.

 You will be provided a bag of food they have been raised on in your puppy kit.

 For a Brief  look at the Health Guarantee Click Here  
 Mailing Address is  /   Cuddles and Snuggles Kennels /1882 303rd ave  Fort Madison, Iowa  52627

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