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We have been very busy.  Please Text me for more info.

My Cell Phone doesn't get service in my kennel. 



Born 01/25/2018

Teacup Girl - expected Weight around 5 lbs Grown

dollbaby1.gif (96255 bytes)  dollbaby2.gif (126085 bytes)

dollbaby3.gif (118936 bytes)  dollbaby4.gif (130461 bytes)

This Teacup MegaCoated baby is Priced at $2,500

She is beyond PERFECTION
I have been raising Mini Schnauzers for more then 10 years.  She is my finest Mini Schnauzer I have ever Bred!

Girl - Will be Salt and Pepper

tippysaltandpepper5.gif (126719 bytes)

tippyspgirl1.gif (128482 bytes)  tippyspgirl2.gif (143952 bytes)

tippyspgirl3.gif (147608 bytes)  tippyspgirl4.gif (128527 bytes)

This Beauty is Priced $1595

Girl 3

tippyblackandwhite4.gif (103299 bytes)  tippygirlblackandwhite.gif (113702 bytes)

tippyblackandwhite1.gif (134310 bytes)  tippyblackandwhite2.gif (120703 bytes)

tippyblackandwhite3.gif (95856 bytes)  tippygirlbw1.gif (102281 bytes)

This Super Smart Girl has more personality then you can imagine.

She is Priced at $ 1595

Amazing DARK LIVER!! Green Eyes

MegaCoat Girl

darkliver1.gif (100420 bytes)  darkliver2.gif (126216 bytes)

darkliver3.gif (124915 bytes)  darkliver4.gif (116695 bytes)

darkliver5.gif (110765 bytes)  darkliver6.gif (130883 bytes)

This Darling DARK LIVER Girl will stay dark, not fade out.

Her Daddy looked just like this when he was a puppy.

She is Priced at $1,800

Maltipoo Girls born 1/10/2018

Ready 3/10/2018

maltipoolitter3.gif (134020 bytes)  maltipoolitter4.gif (151672 bytes)


maltipoolitter1.gif (132759 bytes)  maltipoolitter2.gif (129022 bytes)

They are so Adorable and VERY playful

Text me for a recent Video

Black with White on Chest and Toes - SOLD

This is Sadie Jo

sadiejo1.gif (140946 bytes)  sadiejo2.gif (141932 bytes)

sadiejo3.gif (145940 bytes)  sadiejo4.gif (147350 bytes)

She is the "Ringleader"

sadiejoandsisters.gif (123108 bytes)

She invents the games and Sisters must play!

The Brindle Girl is the Smallest


Sable Girl

sablemp1.gif (124244 bytes)  sablemp2.gif (155259 bytes)

sablemp3.gif (145775 bytes)  sablemp4.gif (162235 bytes)


Morkie Babies 

Born 12/30

Girl - SOLD

kitty2.gif (134872 bytes)  kitty3.gif (140096 bytes)

kitty4.gif (130593 bytes)  kitty5.gif (125328 bytes)

Expected Weight Grown is 2.5-3.5 lbs

This Micro Teacup is Priced at $1695


oliver1.gif (134060 bytes)  oliver2.gif (146933 bytes)

oliver3.gif (132346 bytes)  oliver4.gif (119033 bytes)

This little boy is Priced at $995

Winnie's AKC Mini Schnauzers

Born 12/07

This is Beckett (Blaze) AKC Dark Liver Parti

Mega Coat! 

beckett1.gif (129178 bytes)  beckett2.gif (129582 bytes)

beckett3.gif (130290 bytes)  beckett5.gif (116894 bytes)

Dark liver and White Parti 

Salt and Pepper Parti



Tiny Salt and Pepper Girl 

Expected Weight Grown 7-8 lbs

  saltandpeppergirtl2.gif (95318 bytes)  saltandeppergril1.gif (98667 bytes)

saltandpepper3.gif (101697 bytes)  saltandpeppergirtl2.gif (95318 bytes)

This Little Girl is Priced at $1295

Girl Liver and White Tiny

Expected Weight Grown 7 - 8 Lbs

livergirl1.gif (97241 bytes)  livergirl2.gif (102142 bytes)

livergirl3.gif (103287 bytes)  livergirl4.gif (136808 bytes)

livergirl5.gif (96892 bytes)

This Girl is Priced at $1295


  Light Liver - He may turn White Chocolate

Expected Weight Grown is around 8 lbs

beaner1.gif (114234 bytes)  beaner2.gif (98071 bytes)

beaner3.gif (100567 bytes)  beaner4.gif (109549 bytes)

beaner5.gif (147070 bytes)

$1195 for this Boy






  Email Dan or Debbie at 

Or Call 
BEST TO TEXT DEBBIE 319-795-1483

  Medical History and  are up to Date on all their shots. They have been wormed.

 You will be provided a bag of food they have been raised on in your puppy kit.

 For a Brief  look at the Health Guarantee Click Here  
 Mailing Address is  /   Cuddles and Snuggles Kennels /1882 303rd ave  Fort Madison, Iowa  52627