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Available Puppies


New AKC Mini Schnauzers

1 girl and 2 Boys


doviegirl1.gif (129154 bytes)

Boys are on the ends.  Black and White Parti

dovielitter.gif (84111 bytes)

This litter is not priced yet

They were born 6/29

New Morkies

Two Girls

Girl 1   

lolagirl11.gif (125376 bytes)  

Girl 2

loloagirl2.gif (116185 bytes)

These darling girl are not priced yet.

They were born on 6/22/2017

TeaCup Morkies

Born 5/12/2017

Expected weight grown 3- 4.5 lbs

2 Girls and 2 Boy


Girl - Mini Mouse

She Looks like a Tiny Mouse! - SOLD

This little Doll weigh 1 lb at 9 weeks

tinygirl1.gif (136228 bytes)  tinygirl2.gif (145724 bytes)

tinygirl3.gif (141770 bytes)  tinygirl4.gif (134417 bytes)

This Tiny Girl is Priced at $1495

Girl 2 - Itty Bit  

She is Tiny  1 lb 8 oz

ittybit1.gif (126492 bytes)  ittybit2.gif (122104 bytes)

ittybit3.gif (128169 bytes)  ittybit4.gif (122528 bytes)


This little girl is priced at $1195

Boy 1 - OMG Tiny! 

His weight at 9 weeks is 1 lb 3 oz

tinyboy1.gif (124389 bytes)  tinyboy2.gif (128293 bytes)

tinyboy3.gif (161737 bytes)  tinyboy4.gif (144513 bytes)

This Teeny Tiny boy is Priced at $ $1495

 Boy 2 - He has a cute little white tip on his tale!

jazzyboy1.gif (106021 bytes)  jazzyboy2.gif (98695 bytes)

jazzyboy3.gif (132935 bytes)  jazzyboy4.gif (134505 bytes)

He is Priced at $995

Paisley's Morkie Boy

Born 5/11/2017


paisleyboy1.gif (156267 bytes)  paisleyboy2.gif (139314 bytes)

paisleyboy3.gif (161611 bytes)  paisleyboy4.gif (110995 bytes)

This little Boy is Priced at $1095

Lexi has Maltipoos

 Born 5/03/2017

They are little, short legged and adorable!

I expect they will weigh around 5-6 lbs grown


blondie1.gif (127227 bytes)  blondie2.gif (137188 bytes)

blondie3.gif (137466 bytes)  blondie4.gif (121801 bytes)

She is Priced at $1095

Boy 1

Little Short Nose like a Maltese with a Thick Curly Coat like a Poodle

lexiboy21.gif (103106 bytes)  lexiboy22.gif (105978 bytes)

lexiboy23.gif (129241 bytes)  lexiboy24.gif (106226 bytes)

He is Priced at $995

Boy 2

Totally a Maltese face with the thick/soft Poodle coat

lexiboy14.gif (136117 bytes)  lexiboy13.gif (124735 bytes)  

lexiboy12.gif (117511 bytes)  lexiboy11.gif (131131 bytes)  

He is Priced at $995

Kia's Schnauzer/Maltese

Kia is our Parti Platinum Schnauzer

The Dad is our Little Maltese



finn1.gif (124626 bytes)  finn2.gif (128446 bytes)

finn3.gif (138543 bytes)  

This Boy is Priced at $595



     Email Dan or Debbie at 

Or Call 

  Medical History and  are up to Date on all their shots. They have been wormed.

 You will be provided a bag of food they have been raised on in your puppy kit.

 For a Brief  look at the Health Guarantee Click Here  
 Mailing Address is  /   Cuddles and Snuggles Kennels /1882 303rd ave  Fort Madison, Iowa  52627

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